Driving Directions

From I-90:

Take the Pines exit north to Trent Ave. Turn east/right on Trent  to Evergreen, about 3/4 mile (stoplights). Turn north/left on Evergreen. Evergreen curvest and turns into Forker Rd. Continue north on Forker,  past Bigelow Gulch.**

At the top of the hill, Forker completes an S curve to the east,  then north again. Continue north on Forker. About 2 mi. further, there  is another right curve by the Foothills Community Church and Fire  Station. When Forker curves north again, about 1/3 mile further, DO NOT  TURN NORTH. Rather, go straight onto Morrison Rd. wye. Turn south/right  on Morrison, for approx. 1/4 mile.

Turn left on Macmahan Rd. Go exactly 1 mile. Turn left into our  shared driveway just past the 3 mailboxes, between the ponds. Our  address is 17005 and you will see the marker on the corner. Go past the  first home on the left. Off to the right you will see the alpaca  pastures and barn. Continue up the driveway and take the first right up  to the barn. The main entrance of the house is past the barn: go as high up as you can.

From North of Spokane:

Take Hwy.2 to Mount Spokane Parkway (Hwy 206). Go east to Forker  Rd. Turn South/ right, travel 3 miles. Near the top of the hill turn  left on Morrison, continue south approx. 1/3 mile. Turn left on Macmahan Rd. and follow the directions above.

From Spokane's North Side:

Take Francis Ave. east. It becomes Bigelow Gulch. Continue east  past Argonne, until it dead ends at Forker Rd. Turn left and follow  directions above from the **.

Our Address:

17005 E Macmahan Rd

Spokane  WA  99202